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VArchitect Inc. was founded 10 years ago based on its distinct philosophy, mission, mandate and principles.

    Beautiful things can be created by a gifted individual, but far more greater goals can be achieved by talents working together in unison and harmony.
    To create a unique built environment of unsurpassed quality and value, with utmost efficiency and ingenuity.
    To break the traditional stereotype mold of an architect as simply a “money spender” driven solely by his own passions and ambitions, mindless of his client’s needs and means.
    - Every project is approached as our own money investment.
    - Every client is treated as our own partner.
    - No project is “too small” or “not worth it”. Every project is a unique and personal endeavour.
    - We are not shy to “roll up the sleeves” to fight for saving our client’s money and to protect their investment.
    - We are not afraid to “get dirty” working side-by-side with builders and contractors to ensure that every client’s dollar works to achieving design goals and meeting client’s expectations.
    - We don’t stop searching for unique “out-of-box” design solutions and methods.

VArchitect Inc. is a dynamic, vibrant and progressive architectural practice serving diverse clients (property and business owners, developers, investors, builders, governments, institutions, community groups, agencies} from all sectors of economy: institutional, commercial, industrial and residential.

VArchitect Inc. provides three distinct types of services to its clients:

  • Architectural consulting
    This all-inclusive comprehensive service package is comprised of professional services ranging from project feasibility study to preliminary design concept to working drawings for building permit and tender to procurement of building permit and construction tender to construction contract administration and project close-out.

  • Multidiscipline consulting
    This is an expanded service package augmented with multidisciplinary engineering consulting: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscape and specialty engineers. This service is suitable for larger commercial/institutional/industrial project.

  • Design-Build
    This is an ultimate project delivery package providing clients with one-point of contact for the entire duration of the project from design to construction completion. The main benefit for the client is cost and time saving options by having a builder/contractor on the project team for all stages of the project. This project delivery method is suitable for fast-track projects where construction cost and time are critical factors.


Portfolio of completed projects is comprised of various projects in all sectors of industry.

Industrial: from a car repair garage to a food processing facility.

Institutional: from an employment centre to a private school.

Commercial: from a medical office to a restaurant to a retail store.

Residential: from a basement renovation to a new custom build house.

Full list of completed projects and details of individual projects can be viewed on our website.

About Us

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